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Man sends neighbour his number by drone, then goes on date from inside a bubble

Man sends neighbour his number by drone, and they have a socially distant date

The chances of meeting someone during a global pandemic are pretty slim.

Unless you’re Jeremy Cohen.

The romantic New York-based photographer has not only won over his neighbour Tori but also everyone on social media who’s come across his video.

That’s because the 28-year-old filmed himself meeting the ‘cutie’ on the roof across from his apartment and he then sent a drone out to her with his number.

Tori, 24, texted him back and soon they were having their socially distanced date, while FaceTiming.

And Jeremy being the romantic he is, also arranged for Tori’s roommate to set up their dinner date, complete with flowers.

Then, he took the next step by actually asking Tori on a real-life date. But, he didn’t want to risk anything so, naturally, decided to inflate a zorbing bubble and get inside it.

The hilarious antics were caught on camera for Jeremy’s TikTok channel where the videos soon blew up.

And thankfully, Tori didn’t burst his bubble either and went along on the quirky stroll.

Hearing about Jeremy’s endeavours, we had to reach out to him.

He explains: ‘I was working on a photo series from my apartment where I’ve been documenting the roof culture during quarantine- so I’ve been looking out my windows a lot.’

‘That’s when I noticed Tori dancing. We waved hi at each other and I felt a bit of a connection so I wanted to get in touch with her. That’s when I wrote my number on my drone and flew it over there.’

He adds: ‘I was a little nervous but was craving human interaction after being cooped up in my apartment quarantined for a bit. Our first day went amazing- we get along well and she’s easy to talk to.’

Jeremy had to top the virtual roof date somehow so got to thinking.

What he came up with was a bubble. Jeremy had seen a friend pose with the human-sized bubble on a friend’s social media post and decided to buy it for himself.

‘I knew it would be perfect for a second date!’ he realised.

Being the gentleman he is, he also bought flowers for her and the most precious commodity of all – hand sanitiser – but realised the items were stuck inside the bubble.

But nevertheless, Tori was impressed.

‘She loved it. It was difficult to have a conversation during our walk around the neighbourhood, but we shared a ton of laughs.

‘We just went on our second date and hope to go on more in the future! although a third date isn’t planned at the moment yet.’

We can’t wait to see what these crazy kids get up to next.