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New trailers: Killing Eve, Upload, Murder House Flip, and more

I’d completely expected to be writing a note this week about how the COVID-19 pandemic has largely shut down trailer production, but it turns out, my assumption was wrong. While things have certainly slowed down, streaming services are almost singlehandedly keeping up the new releases. If anything, this is a great moment for them to debut a new show or series since everyone is stuck indoors.

That said, we’ll see how long this lasts. Productions are being shut down for health reasons, and it seems like every major movie coming out in the next couple of months is being delayed. So there may come a point where the backlog of content thins out. I certainly suspect it’ll be a bit before we see any trailers for tentpole films.

For now, it’s a great moment to catch up on some old movies you haven’t watched in a while or check out a show you never got around to. My wife and I are now nearly a season into The Sopranos, something we newly have the time to spend watching through. Other than the occasionally strange ’90s music choices, it’s pretty good.